Donut Day Research Paper

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In honor of National Donut Day, of course we 're gonna talk about food here in The Lab... The final day before a big running race are always filled with nervous anticipation, especially if it’s your first time running a long-distance half-marathon, marathon or ultramarthon race. Over time, as you run and race more, you get used to it, and the pre-race nerves are replaced with pre-race hyperactivity, excitement, heavy social media use and lots of selfie taking #_______ (fill in race name). Otherwise, maybe you’re too hard on yourself and you should quit wearing a watch like we did? Heh. Seriously, with all the other things to worry about (i.e., WHAT SHOULD I WEAR?!) there’s another critical component to the final countdown to the start – what…show more content…
We’re not experts, but we’ve made some mistakes, done some things right, and definitely learned a few things along the way! HYDRATION HYDRATION HYDRATION: Possibly the biggest issue that can screw up a long run or race is dehydration. Losing as little as 1% of your body weight in fluid can decrease performance by up to 10%! A priority should be to start the race with your fluid reserves at full capacity – and this is super easy to do. First, always drink lots of water and especially in the week before the race. As a general rule, most pros recommend using a fluid replacement drink such as Hammer Fizz or Hammer Heed or Endurolytes (we like Hammer products because they’re natural, science based, less sugary and formulated by REAL athletes who use their products). vs. water alone as you want to be sure you maintain proper electrolyte balance. Over consumption of water alone can cause runners to lose electrolytes through their urine. The best way to stay on top of fluid intake is by using a fluid replacement. Sometimes runners will begin to eat heavily salty foods in the days leading up to a race especially if it’s supposed to be hot out. This helps water retention and reduces the likelihood of getting to the start line dehydrated. A “golden” rule about hydration (pun intended) is to only consume enough fluid so that your urine is very…show more content…
(Meb Keflezighi eats a bagel with almond butter, he said it during a live chat back in April after the Boston Marathon!) The timing is less critical with a liquid meal as it will empty from your stomach much quicker than a solid meal with a similar nutrient breakdown. One of our favorite pre-race meals is some roasted sweet potatoes, or gluten-free toast with almond butter, and a banana. Always a banana. And sometimes a few bites of chocolate, too. If you do choose a light solid meal on race morning, be sure you finish eating it around 2-3 hours before your start time. For 7am start time, this would mean your last bite should finish by 5am. In those final 2-3 hours before your event, it’s important that you keep your hydration capped so continue to drink watered down sports drink right up until start. POST RACE: Umm, EAT WHATEVER THE HECK YOU WANT!! And have a beer! homer donuts and beerWe have a rule where we allow ourselves to "go crazy" and pig out after a race (well, usually only after marathons and ultras). But, one key thing we 've learned -- HYDRATE! Always drink a ton of water the day or three after a race. For each sip of beer, have a sip of water. And fill up on potassium. For each donut you eat, have a
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