Persuasive Speech: Net Neutrality

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General Purpose: To persuade my audience.
Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to support and uphold net neutrality and share with them what they can do.

I. Net Neutrality. The Open Internet Project defines net neutrality as “the idea that your cellular, cable, or phone internet connection should treat all websites and services the same”. Seems simple, right?
II. The reason I am bringing net neutrality up is because the idea that all your internet content is equal is under threat. Under this new administration, the net neutrality rules put in place during the Obama Administration are very soon as risk to being repealed.
III. Today I will tell you what net neutrality is, why it should be important to you, and what you can
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The net neutrality rules essentially mean that your internet service provider cannot throttle or restrict access to certain websites as they see fit.
3. << CHANGE SLIDE >> This is an example of the Internet with Net Neutrality rules in place. As you can see, each website or service is treated equally. They are all connected at the same speed and you do not have to pay extra to access certain websites. << CHANGE SLIDE >> This is an example of what it could be like without net neutrality rules in place.
i. While completely blocking a website would be considered a violation of the first amendment, without net neutrality, there would be nothing stopping your cable company from let’s say slowing Netflix’s connection speed down just to the point where your videos are always buffering and the only way to stream your movies in HD without issues is to buy a “premium speed package” from your ISP just for them to feed you Netflix at the speed you originally pay for. ii. This will also allow companies to bribe internet providers to promote their own products. For example, Spotify could make a deal with Comcast where Comcast will make all other music streaming sites like Pandora or Apple Music so slow, music can barely play << CHANGE SLIDE

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