Student Honor Code Essay

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Academic honor codes
You better watch out for these honor codes or you’ll get suspended for something you didn’t even know you were doing. Two college students in a science computer class punished for breaking the honor code. They helped each other with the work without specifics. Isn’t it possible they accidentally came up with the same choice code for a computer hack. Broken Arrow should not establish honor codes
I believe that we shouldn’t have honor codes in schools. Honor codes suspend students on acts of cheating and plagiarism. Well what about those students who have never broken a rule in their life? They didn’t even know they were plagiarizing, should they get suspended and have that on their permanent record for the rest of their lives? “They are used to punish well-meaning rule-followers for minor infractions yet, because they rely on reluctant
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Some teachers encourage their students to use their notes a lot on quizzes too. Shouldn’t that count for cheating? And if you let someone copy your notes from a class isn’t that a violation of the honor code? “”Unpermitted Collaboration” is a fuzzy offense, particularly in a course whose guidelines encouraged students to share “ideas, hints, and debugging help, or problem-solving strategies and program structure”- practices designed to reflect the collaborative ethos of the software industry, which is built on free and accessible open-source code” (Greenberg 1). My opponent might say that yes this counts for cheating either way and that we should be punished but if you suspend the whole class for doing something that the teacher encourages then you won’t have anyone else to teach. The school board will say that no teacher should encourage this for students need to learn, this does not count on their notes but no one can memorize the codon table and the periodic table for a test they will take once in their

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