Persuasive Speech On Adopting A Pet

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There are about 7.6 million animals that enter shelters nationwide every year. Only about three-four million of them adopted. Plus, another 2.7 million of them euthanized, and the rest wait in the shelter. If more families were to adopt an animal from a shelter it could help some of these animals a lot. Pets can also be beneficial in many ways. There are many cases of pet abandonment. Abandoned animals become strays and are, for the most part, unwanted and forgotten. Adopting strays from shelters or even just taking them in can be beneficial for the animals. They might even be a big help to the family. Adopting an animal can teach children things that can be useful for them in the future.

To start off, what adopting a pet can teach kids. Adopting a pet can teach children many useful things, but I am only going to name a few. These skills are responsibility, cleanliness, and how to deal with loss. First up, responsibility. Many parents will say that a pet is too much work, and most children would reply to that with, "But I can help." Most children wouldn’t follow through. They should be punished for breaking their promise but rewarded for helping. This would teach them to be more responsible for what they say and do. Cleanliness is a skill that somewhat ties into the last in the fact that part of it involves taking care of the pet. Cats, dogs, and other animals need to be cleaned up after. Cleaning up after the pet can translate into a child 's life.

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