Persuasive Speech On Adoption

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Adopt, Don’t Buy

A cute dog, or a cat is an adorable gift for your family. Especially when they were a little. I want to tell you that adopt an animal is the best option rather than buying them from a breeder or a pet store. But many of you doesn’t know the story behind these amazing creatures. What you heard probably only the good ones. These amazing creatures wants to live like we do, they want to live a normal life. Therefore, some of them may not experience how to live a proper life. I want to focus on how big adoption plays the role. Because from adoption, you will have a buddy for life, and there are so many good things you can take unlike buying them from a breeder or a pet store. Many factors can affect our choice between adopt or buy, such as knowledge, prestige, and trust issue. I want to discuss about buying pets from a pet store or other breeder first. Breeder is a person who maintain the animal with careful to keep the qualities and the characteristics of the breed. It sounds good until the proof can say itself. Have you wonder where are the unwanted pets if nobody wants them? Some of you may not know that the mother from your dog/cat that you bought is forced to breastfeeding continuously. Some mothers had reach the limit. It can cause swelling on the breasts. There are a lot of breeders has gone too far. They only took care of the kids to maintain the breed. While the mothers of the animals abandoned in a small cage, where they couldn’t stand

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