Persuasive Speech On Airbnb Cleaning

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Introduction - If you’re an aspiring Airbnb host, it is of paramount importance that you ensure all your renters are comfortable in their temporary lodgings. That means making sure the listed property is warm, secure, and, above all else, clean. Keeping your rental property clean can be a difficult task, especially as some travelers can be a tad more careless than others, but it must be done if you are to satisfy clients and maintain a good reputation on Airbnb. In order to help you keep your tenants comfortable for the duration of their stay, I have prepared this list of some of my top tips for maintaining a tidy Airbnb space. A Good Airbnb Cleaning Program Should Include: Fresh Linens - Having stayed in a number of hotels which had less than fresh bedding, I can confirm how downright horrific it is to sleep on bed clothes that don’t seem to have been changed since the last guest slept in the bed. If you are to give those who visit you a pleasant stay, you must ensure all provided linen is either cleaned or replaced before each new guest checks in. Common items such as towels and facecloths should be replaced daily, regardless of whether a guest has checked out or not. However, there is no need to change a guest’s bedclothes every day (unless they specifically request it, which is kind of unreasonable). It is recommended that you wash or swap the bedclothes of a guest every six or seven days, although I sometimes find myself doing it with greater frequency when I have

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