Alopecia Persuasive Speech

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Alopecia is when the immune system mistakenly attacks the hair follicles on your head, causing hair loss. You can have complete hair loss of the whole body, hair loss on the head, or small bald patches on the head. Most people don't even know about it. To prove my point the spell check on my laptop doesn't even think it's a word. But it is, and honestly it's one of the worst things I would ever wish upon someone. You constantly feel alone, but you don't have to be. These are the things I would tell my daughter should she ever get alopecia. I love you You are beautiful The stares from strangers passing by will become less uncomfortable The little girl or boy who yells, "Mommy, why doesn't that girl have hair?" doesn't know any better The…show more content…
It's something else." You can still be feminine without eyebrows or hair Your eyebrows do not need to be "on fleek" If you do chose to cut your hair off, before you do put your hair in a bun or braid. You will always miss not doing enough hairstyles when you did have hair You will miss pushing your hair behind your ear Sometimes you can almost hair your hair blowing in the wind Your friends will not treat you differently and if they do they weren't really your friends You will cry yourself asleep at night wondering why you had to have alopecia You will be jealous of other people's hair Watching hair videos on Instagram will not end well It's fine to still picture yourself with hair You will have good days and bad days, never forget the good ones will always outnumber the…show more content…
It's moving on Wigs are an option too People will always be awkward about your hair. Sometimes the best way to fight this is to crack a joke about it You will eventually be comfortable in your own skin Crying is okay Missing your hair is okay I will support you through everything It's perfectly fine to draw stick figures without hair Drawing self-portraits will be weird - but only at first Sometimes you won't even notice you don't have hair You don't have to internalize everything, use your friends and family. They are there for a reason Sometimes the only thing you'll ever wish for is to get your hair back Your head will sweat a lot. Be prepared You don't have to tell anyone if you don't want to People at school will always find something else to talk about Always tell the hairdresser you have alopecia before you get a hair cut. They will cut it show the bald spots won't show as bad It's okay to feel awkward when people talk about your hair Soon it will be normally without hair There's nothing wrong with you You will find your head can balance anything and everything Most everyone will quickly glance at your head before talking to you They may treat you special. Prove them

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