Persuasive Speech On Animal Abuse

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Imagine as a cow in a cage, in a cage that is so small you can’t even turn around or stretch your limbs. Imagine yourself as a hen that lays eggs but is starved up to 14 days and given no water, because there’s of the irresponsible people or the people will shock the hens’ and chickens’ bodies into molting. This may be very cruel and unacceptable, but this is what animals face every day in reality. One of the most despairing things for bulls in Mexico is bullfighting. Bullfighting is a sport that is popular in Mexico but when it comes to it’s something the bulls it is very unhappy. Thousands of bulls are killed each year in bullfights. The bullfight is continued until the bulls become dizzy and start dying. So I want to tell you and explain why we should be more supportive of animals instead of killing them like it’s something normal too.

To start off with this, animal abuse is going on for many reasons. Animals are probably killed more than you could ever imagine. The whole animal abuse that is going on worldwide right now is leading to extinction for the animals because many actually did extinct. According to “think differently about sheep animal rights and what are animal rights”. “Millions of animals, 115 million are killed, such as dogs, rabbits, cats, apes, birds and way a lot more. They are killed around the world, to create drugs, food, cosmetics, lab experiments and more every year. The USDA’s Wildlife Services division is responsible for killing many animals that

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