Persuasive Speech On Animal Behavior

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Wondering why animals act a certain way is possibly a question that can never be answered correctly. Asking why animals act a certain way in an environment though, now that may be a question that can be answered! It has become a proven fact that animals act differently in every different environment and around every different animal or person. For instance, take a lion that is being taken from his home environment to a zoo. Of course, that lion is going to act up before he gets used to his environment because of different reasons like the space, or the other animals, or the food and even the training. Many different aspects of the environment will affect this lion's behavior. Animals have emotions, just like us humans. Emotions are part of the reason animals act the way they do, no matter where they are. Animals have days when they are sad; animals have days when they are happy, and they have those days where they are excited or even sick. So let's say this lion isn't feeling too well his very first day being in his little area of that zoo. Not only is the change…show more content…
They do this by capturing the animals and then sedating the animal long enough to get them to where they need to go. I look at that like I do humans being dragged before a surgery. We know how we feel when we wake up from that scary place, but how does that lion feel? The lion is scared, depending on how long he was sedated he may not even remember much. The lion is hungry, depending on how long the sedation was he could have been days without eating. The lion is also nervous and angry as well. So that lion's first reaction when he wakes up isn't going to be the greatest, and it definitely will not be very safe for people to be around. The lion's reaction is going to show you everything about his emotions and exactly how he feels about being taken from his home and put into this place that he has never even seen

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