Persuasive Speech On Animal Testing

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Good morning/afternoon Mr.Menicanin and class of 7A. I want you to Imagine this, at a really young age, getting taken away from your parents, and getting put into a wired cage, you don 't know what 's happening and there 's nothing you could do about it, your screams and cries could not be heard, and you 're really hungry and so thirsty you wish you hadn 't taken water for granted, and every day a scary looking man comes and injects a needle into your body, there is no family or friends to comfort you, and you feel the urge to die more and more, until one day… your life really does get taken away. This is the life of an Animal inside a Test lab…..

these inhumane tests that they are doing on animals are not reliable and not always work, The National Institutes of Health states, that 95% of drugs that were safe and effective in animal tests fail in human trials because they don 't work or are dangerous. Therapeutic development (testing on animals) is a costly, complex and time-consuming process. The average length of time to approve of a new drug is about 14 years. Not only do medications that work on animals fail in humans, but there are also probably some—perhaps many—drugs that would help humans but are discarded because they fail in tests on animals.

Also, The Cruelty-Free International Organization states that out of 93 dangerous drug side effects, only 19% could have been predicted by the scientists, a recent study found by some scientists in America, that Drugs

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