Persuasive Speech On Animal Testing

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Raise your hand if you have ever used a product from any of the following companies. Victorias Secret, Maybelline, Calvin Klein, Axe, Band-aid, Johnson and Johnson, Tide, Febreze. Almost everyone in this room has used a product from one of these enormous companies and brands. So why, what do makeup companies, clothing companies, and cleaning products have in common? All of these companies are just a fraction of companies that test their products on animals such as mice, rabbits, primates, cats, and dogs. Yes even man’s best friend isn’t exempt from being injected with drugs and diseases in the name of science. These companies have continued their evil in the dark, in countries with little to no regulation on animal testing. The only way to stop these companies from experimenting on and abusing animals is to show them that they no longer operate in the shadows, but their wrongdoings are on display for the world to see, and that the world does not like what it sees. We must patronize companies with principles, and encourage others to follow. I am just as guilty as everyone in this room, I too have used these products, and it is up to all of us to stand together against these horrific experiments on animals. Let’s start with bunnies, cute, fluffy, loveable bunnies. According to PETA over 139,000 rabbits are experimented on every year, having things like dishwasher soap, drain cleaner, and makeup dripped onto their eyes. So what happens afterward, surely these animals are given

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