Persuasive Speech On Astrology

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Believe it or not- We all need a little bit of astrology in our lives!
Astrology is a peculiar yet intriguing science that has baffled many enthusiasts. Be it for a work related scenarios or everyday travel, it is not unlikely that a lot of us flip through channels or scour through newspapers just to find out how the day is supposed to pan out.
A positive prediction and we are happy beyond limits. A negative one, probably exercising caution should work out! In any case astrology has become an integral part of our lives and it cannot be negated that it is indeed essential.
How many times have you walked in to a book store and the astrological books have caught your attention? We are all guilty of reading through the pages to reach our own individual
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It might be true for non-believers. But the ones who have immense faith in the science and its truth, have backed it up like no other. Whether you want to start a new relationship or a business, go abroad or even get married, astrology has a part to play in every aspect of your life.
Citing one of the most curious incidents nowadays could be dating. Don’t you think the first thing people ask is each other’s date of birth? Just to find out if they are compatible sign wise! If the element matches and is a friendly sign, it hardly takes a couple of conversations before you meet for coffee. If not, you can safely assume that the “un-match” feature has been used already!
Astrology allows you to pick out the personality traits of an individual based on the signs. An earth element could be fixed, practical and have a funnier approach to life. Whereas an Air element can be intelligent, cocky and a little bit ego centric which can be slightly incompatible with earth and water signs. So if you are an earth sign, you need someone you could gel with well, such as water elements. Air borne can find solace in friendship and relationships in fire
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