Persuasive Speech On Banning Smoking In Public

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Assalamualaikum and a very good evening everyone. First of all I would like to introduce myself, my name is Nurul Nadhiah binti Mohamed Salehuddin. As you can see on the slide, the topic I would like to persuade to everyone is should we banned smoking in the public area entirely? Today, we tend to ignore the dangerous of smoking that we breathe in which there a lot of harmful substance will effect to our health and life. Government need to take serious attention to this issue because there are many cases happen which shows around 435000 people dead from use of tobacco. Even though we cannot eliminate this problem, but all we can do is to reduce the risk. For most of us, we will agree that we absolutely need to ban smoking in the public. There are so many reason that relay on this issue but I would highlight several reason such as the fume from a cigarette can affect the smoker’s health, other people and the effect to society and economies.…show more content…
So, we should appreciate it. I would like to explain a little bit about the ingredient in a cigarette .Do you know there are 4000 chemical contain in a cigarette when smoker breathe out and 51 of those chemical can cause cancer. Some ingredient contain in cigarette which are type of lighter fuel, paint stripper, toilet cleaner and rat poison. This is not suitable to our body which it can cause many type of disease and illnesses. Besides, there still many people could not stop smoking, if they want to quit it will take more time because in cigarettes contain nicotine which is substance that make them addicted continously. Moreover, smoker can act desperately if they not afford to buy cigarettes, they tend to steal money and may hurt other people to get what they want. For men who smoke, they may experience erectile
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