Persuasive Speech On Being A Dog

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Congrats, newly born pup! Now you’ve been trained. Your next step is to ruin the training of your owner. And that 's when you must do what dogs do best; be an animal. What better way to do that then ignore the training you just received. Owning a dog has been a long standing norm. Dogs have been known as a man 's best friends for centuries now, 80% of which have been trained and no longer act like an animal. The other 20% have not been trained and still live a free life. It 's not just dogs who have been trained and are told how to act. All kinds of animals are trained and have their self control taken away. From cats (but who cares about those) to horses to gerbils are all being trained to act unnatural for the species. With my How to undo the training 101 DVD series you can…show more content…
As a dog we really like to meet and see new people. So our natural instinct is to jump. Our owners kinda understand that but they will never actually know what it 's like, so who cares what they tell you. You should follow your dog instinct and greet them the best way you know how; by jumping on them. Outsmart your owner. We dogs like to eat and have treats. But there are only two ways we will get them: being a good dog and listening or not being a good dog and not listening until they say “ lets have a treat” (the second choice is much better). This is a lot more fun because you get to see your owner all flustered and frustrated. Don’t let them take away your bone so you must scare them off. Part of being an animal is scarring of the predator/opponent. If your owner wants your bone you must not back down and stand your ground. If this means growling at your owner then so be it, you can apologies later with kisses and flashing those puppy dog eyes. Greet others dogs by sniffing their butts. The golden rule for dogs is greet every other dog how you wouldn 't want to be greeted. This means sniffing them in the

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