Persuasive Speech On Being A Marine

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Arturo Munoz Coach Dobbins English III, 7th Period 1 May 2017 To be a marine it takes hard work and dedication and a desire to be a part of something bigger than life itself it takes the know how the courage, honor, and integrity and self sacrifice to become a United States Marine. About one percent of the total U.S population go to the military, and only a proud few become marines do you have what it takes, do you posses the mental strength to endure hardships and challenges that would make the toughest of men doubt themselves if so here is some information that can clear any confusion or doubt about the marine corps. Actions are what separates legends from the dreamers. To begin with you are probably wondering something’s like job security maybe even job advancement or…show more content…
The applicant must also have a grounded general knowledge of mechanics, engineering, and chemistry. Additionally a marine’s pay is done through a yearly salary that ranges from thirty-three thousand to forty-nine thousand dollars a year.Depending on the expenses that particular marine makes, say buying a brand new car or monthly bills, He/ She has at home the entry level pay of an enlisted junior marine is about one-thousand- six- hundred and fifty dollars per month. In conclusion, the life of a marine can be an exciting one and even a dangerous one, but even after their life in the marine corps that individual will possess the necessary skills to excel in any future career he or she may desire in all the marine corps in general is a viable option as a career. You should always think about your future and the decisions you are going to make, marines are one of the finest fighters in the world and on the best should
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