Persuasive Speech On Blood Donation Save Lives

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General purpose: to persuade Specific purpose: To persuade my audience to donate blood to help save lives. Central Idea: People are in need of blood every day for emergency situations. Each year 56, million children and adults need blood transfusions. Introduction

• 1. If every person that needed blood had it, many lives of both children and adult would be saved.
• II. Blood donation saves lives every day you can save blood in blood banks for future purposes. Blood is only used when needed. Type O is a highly demanded blood type for lots of donations

• IIL: Topic revelation: Blood is needed daily your donation will count towards a great cause. Blood donations help saves lives and can be used for future purposes.

• IV: When I got my hip surgery and knee scope I had to have a blood transfusion, because of all the blood loss from surgery. If it weren’t for the blood transfusion I would not be here today. Always knowing that there is someone out there generous enough to give you their blood makes you feel happy.


• 1 Donating blood can have a good output on your health and help others as well. Did you know that when you give blood your body immediately regenerates it back? You don’t always have to give blood, but if you do the thought counts.
• II: Action: Please make sure if you give blood your

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