Persuasive Speech On Bullying

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On Feb. 5 Noemi Tonche, the mother of a 9-year-old bully victim, took to the Blythe Neighborhood Watch page to publicly share her thoughts regarding Ruth Brown Elementary School failing to protect her daughter from a group of four bullies. Sharing how her daughter has been continually bullied since last December, being called rude names and teased because of the way she speaks, Tonche said she met with the principal a number of times to address the situation, which was not handled, per her last Facebook post. Notified about her 10-year-old daughter stepping up to the bullies in order to defend her younger sister from the constant badgering, Tonche said shortly after, she began noticing a change of behavior in her daughter and decided to therefore address the situation at a district level since she felt that nothing was being done at the school. Attending last week’s school board meeting, Tonche was accompanied by her daughters to share their discontent during the hearing session. As she faced the Palo Verde Unified School District board of trustees, the 9-year-old victim stepped up the mike and shared, “I’ve been getting bullied and pushed around at lunch. These four girls, they make fun of my speech. This has been happening for a long time. I’ve been telling teachers but they wouldn’t do [any]thing. I went to the Vice Principal, which is Ms. Massanelli and I told my mom I want to go to school, but my mom said if those girls don’t stop, that I’m not going to
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