Persuasive Speech On Carbohydrates

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There are millions of people who are prediabetic, diabetic or metabolic syndrome that require the body to be able to maintain normal blood sugar levels. These chronic disorders have continued to grow and plague millions of people not only in the U.S but in the rest of the world. Why are blood sugar levels such a big deal? When your blood sugar levels are elevated for an extended period of time may push someone who is prediabetic over the edge into diabetes. Already, diabetes has reaches epidemic proportions with one in three adults in the U.S having to deal with it. It becomes very important for people at risk to control their diabetes as it can cause serious and often irreversible damage ranging from fatigue to nerve damage and arterial damage to death.

Elevated blood sugar levels are caused by an increase in blood glucose levels. Glucose is mainly the sugar we get from the different foods we eat but more especially if on carbohydrates. It should be evident that if you ant to control blood sugar levels you should watch what you eat.

#1. Eat low-pocessed, high-protein food

Since we know that carbohydrates affect the level of glucose and subsequently the blood sugar levels in our blood then we should be consuming less carbohydrates .or none at all. When it comes to carbohydrates, they are not all bad and our bodies need them to sustain our energy levels. The bad kind of carbohydrates are those found in processed foods. Most processed foods contain added sugar, it is

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