Persuasive Speech On Cats

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Your cat loves staring out of the window – so much to see, so much to smell, so much to chase! But it 's fairly likely he doesn 't get the opportunity to step outside very often, if at all. I think all of us would love to let our kitties explore all the possibilities of the great outdoors, but letting them roam free outside presents a lot of unfortunate risks. Luckily, cats, like their canine counterparts can be leash trained. The idea may sound crazy, but, with a little work and a little knowledge, it can absolutely be done! Today, we will discuss how to walk your cat on a leash.

First, it 's important to understand and be respectful of your cat. Although many would love the opportunity to go outside, some are just homebodies. Furthermore,
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Of course, in order to test the fit, you 'll need to get your kitty used to his new harness. Begin by introducing it to him. Show it to him, let him smell it – you can even let him play with it a little. After he 's had a moment to investigate this new contraption, give him a treat and a nice scratch, make the whole experience a positive one. Also, you will want to start snapping and unsnapping and buttons, rip open Velcro, and just generally get him used to the sound.

Once the mystery is gone, slowly begin to dress your cat. At this point, don 't fasten it, but be sure to provide plenty of treats for the sake of distraction. Once your cat has become comfortable, you can start to fasten and adjust the harness as necessary. Let him walk around in it for a while before taking it off. Repeat this process for several days.

After a little bit of adjustment, if your kitty is quite content with his new wardrobe, you can then attach the leash. As with fitting the harness, you will want to start slowly. Begin with a short jaunt around the house, followed by more rewards. Once you both feel pretty secure, step outside. Your cat may be a bit nervous by this point, so just take your time. If he 's getting a little antsy, step back in and try another day. If not, take a stroll around the backyard, then around the house, and then even further out until you
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