Persuasive Speech On Cell Phones

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Persuade people to use their cell phones at appropriate times. Today our society is built around technology. Almost everyone has their own cell phone or other handheld device. Today I would like to share something I consider A concern to our societies development. Cell phone problems in American social life. Today I will be talking about social media, texting while driving, and how cell phones impact the building of deep meaningful relationships. Cell phones have made long distance communication relatively easy. It has revolutionized how humans interact with one another leading to a whole cyber world of social media. Texting and anonymity takes away accountability to truth, meaningful relationships, face-to-face communication, and effective dialog. Admittedly not everything that social media influences is bad it really depends upon the motive of the user.…show more content…
Social media through the use of the phone is becoming more important than many people 's closest friendships, however it is also making those long-distance friendships possible. Ira Hyman has a different opinion: "This isn 't addiction. This is social interaction. When you conduct your social life via text, keeping track of your cell phone takes on particular importance." But, cell phones inhibit building meaningful relationships with people you see every day, and often between boyfriends and girlfriends, parents and children, husbands and wives. When on a date and a couple spends their time on their phones instead of talking getting to know one another it is not reasonable to consider this communication. Furthermore, when a cell phone addiction becomes more important than a spouse the relationship can become strained. Some begin looking for alternatives online through pornography and other people, while hiding it from their
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