Soursop Research Paper

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Cancer Healer fruit 10,000 Times More Powerful Than Chemotherapy Soursop fruit has been researched and developed as a raw material medicines for cancer, particularly cancers of the prostate, pancreas, and lungs. A company in America willing to disburse billions of dollars in order to prove the efficacy of soursop as an effective cancer cell killer and much safer than the chemo therapy. Unfortunately, until now the drug is still kept secret.

News about the secret of soursop fruit was later revealed and spread quickly through mailing lists. That information is certainly quite encouraging, especially for cancer patients and their families.

"Thank God it's true, my father let alone eat soursop, do not have to splurging a lot of money," said Emmy, whose father seven months ago was sentenced
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Worse yet, the company closed the project decided not to publish the results of research.

Even so, the story does not stop here. Expectations of the public to explore the benefits of soursop as a natural solution dampening the cancer grows again.

Once there was one of the scientists (not clearly identified) of the research team felt not bear to see this reality. Finally at the expense of his career and his reputation, he contacted a company that used to collect natural ingredients from the Amazon forest for the manufacture of drugs.

When the experts of the Health Sciences Institute at the news miracle soursop, they began to do research. The results are surprising, soursop tree proved to be an effective cancer cell killer. Unfortunately, until now there is no party or pharmaceutical companies that dare to follow up on these encouraging findings for various reasons.

Even so, now you already know the benefits of soursop fruit extraordinary. It was a sweet refreshing sour mix is certainly no stranger to most people of Indonesia. Soursop can be consumed fresh or processed into
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