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Are you preparing to adopt or adjusting to a new baby or child transitioning into your family? If so, you probably have a host of questions and concerns, like “how can I help my adopted child thrive?” Research shows that adopted children often suffer from [[attachment issues]], so start by trying to form a strong bond with your child. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --) Otherwise, work on setting good boundaries and helping them grow into who they are meant to be— just as you would with a biological child.
===Forming a Healthy Attachment===
#Get some background on your child. If possible, learn about your adoptive child’s family history and previous lifestyle. Doing so can
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#*Whenever you become aware of changes to the routine, tell your child as soon as possible. Say, “Rachel, we’ll be visiting with my parents over the weekend. They’re so excited to see you!”
#Be clear and consistent about your rules for all children. Come up with a reasonable set of rules and talk them over with your adoptive child. Post the rules in plain sight, so your child can see them throughout the day. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --)
#*Rules might sound like, “Listen to adult’s instructions.” “Use an indoor voice in the house.” “No hitting or hurting others.”
#*Set the same rules and expectations for an adoptive child as you would for your biological children. This not only gives your child a sense of structure, but it also shows them that they are a part of the family (and therefore must follow the family’s
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#Stay calm and compassionate when they act out. Adoptive children may have more trouble acclimating to a new environment or even accepting your love and affection. If this happens, keep your cool and react warmly and with compassion. (-- removed HTML --) (-- removed HTML --)
#*For example, they may pull away at your touch or make hurtful comments, like “You’re not my real mom/dad!” You might respond by saying, “That’s right. I’m not your birth mother, but that doesn’t mean I’m not your mom and that I don’t love you.”
#*Some adoptive children may have a condition known as [[Work With a Child With Reactive Attachment Disorder | reactive attachment disorder]] in which they greatly distrust others and have trouble managing their emotions. If this is the case, take your child to a therapist who can help you learn how to better support them.

===Fostering Their

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