Flight Path Persuasive Speech

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Life is a series of choice, wherever and whenever you go, you will be faced with choices. The way of how you are living right now are all the choices that you made previously. The fool and the smart, the rich and the poor, the kind and the bad, they are how they are due to the choices they made. Now, it is the time for you to wake up from your delusion, from the lies that the world has been feeding into you, from this unparalleled madness society that is breathing in the same air as you are since you were born. Heed my words and realize that you have been living in a life full of deceit. Consider and think of the truth that I am about to reveal to you. Learn the facts about the flat earth and bear no regrets. We are living in a world that is…show more content…
The globe is the model of the earth with a round shape. Let’s take an examination of the globe about the flight route. There are a lot of routes on the flight websites that you can check by yourself. In there, stated odds flight path which they take on their flight. Let’s take examples of various flights. First, a flight from Santiago to Johannesburg, it should only take around 12 hours of flight if you take a path straight on the globe’s map. Rather than doing so they took a transit to Senegal which is far away from the main destination and that consumed 19 hours of flight. That route seemed nonsense if you are using a globe map. Whereas if you are using a flat earth map, that flight course from Santiago to Senegal to Johannesburg will make a clear straight line which is more considerable and realistic. Moving onto second example, a flight from Johannesburg to Australia, it should only take 11 hours of flight, nevertheless they make a route to Dubai first, then goes to Australia which is further away from the destination course and took 18 hours then again if you see the course on the flat earth map it will be more genuine. Another fun fact that might pique your interest is that there was a flight which need to take an emergency landing. The flight was from Bali to Los Angeles but it ended up taking Alaska as the emergency landing spot. Why do you think that is the case? If you take a closer look at the globe’s map, the route is unreasonable. On the contrary if you see that emergency landing on the flat earth map, Alaska is in between Bali to LA route. Which do you think is more

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