Persuasive Speech On Cloning Animals

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My feeling for this topic is excited and nervous. The reason behind me being excited is that we are going to have more resources on the planet now and we will have more food to feed more people. See we need to have more animals (not only because they are cute) because we need more things to lean off of as in using the things that we have and taking the into consideration of use. Us humans based around us American citizens, we take things for granted not only food or clothes basically everything. Cloning animals is a great idea and I think they should totally clone animal and bring back extinct animals. They need to do this and they will bring things that we need and it would be fun and it would help us.The reason it would help us is because of the way that we would use our resources.
Cloning animals has been a debatable topic since 5 July 1996 the reason behind it is the first big breakthrough hit when they cloned their first major animal. This animal is known as Dolly the sheep.
“It can produce a larger amount of animal population.”
Cloning can both sides on how to create animals with identical genetics. What I mean by this is that they can make identical genetics but it can be difficult. This is a good thing because all animals will have the same healthy genes. They will have nice animals that will be healthy and they won’t have to worry about having any sick animals. “It can be a way to quickly create more sources of food, especially meat.”
By having more animal
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