Persuasive Speech On Coffee

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Black Coffee:
Nowadays black coffee is considered as the main reason of yellow teeth. As the outer layer of our teeth easily absorbs food and drinks, and consuming dark colored drink may lead to staining your teeth. Don’t worry I am not going to tell you to stop drinking coffee, instead I am going to give you a suggestion that will help you avoid getting yellow teeth from coffee. Next time when you have a coffee try adding a little more milk to lighten the color of your coffee. In this way your teeth will get extra calcium and vitamin D from the milk.

Tea: The advice is same when it comes to tea, just add little milk in order to lighten the color of your tea, and avoid using black tea. As tea contains tannins, that can stain your teeth. Instead
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But for teeth the red wine is not so beneficial. But many research studies have discussed the benefits of having red wine like consuming a moderate quantity reduces inflammation. And there are many more other benefits of consuming red wine so before you go out to throw a perfectly good bottle of red wine let me give a suggestion that will definitely help you avoid yellow teeth from red wine. Just simply swish water around your mouth after consuming a glass of red wine, or you could just simply use white wine instead.

Cola: Dinking dark sodas are not good for your teeth as they are also known to stain their color on your teeth. Not only this the temperature of cola you drink also affect your teeth too cold as well as too hot cola can cause your teeth to contract which makes them more open to staining and absorbing food and drinks. However the phosphoric and citric acid in sodas not only erodes the tooth outer layer (enamel) but also are the reason for many health related issues. Whereas in diet cola contain artificial sweeteners that doesn’t cause tooth decay, but can affect your health, make you ill and cause diabetics.

Dark colored Fruit
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So next time if you ever wish to have a Popsicle on a hot sunny day go for a light colored ice instead.

Soy Sauce: Dark sauces have the same annoying effect on teeth that dark sodas and other dark beverages have on your teeth. If a food can stain your clothes and carpet, can also stain your teeth too. So next time while having Chinese foods don’t forget to replace soy sauce with any other healthier option.

Balsamic Vinegar: Commonly used in salads, due to its dark color it can also stain your teeth, but just don’t already throw your salad out. According to numerous dentists the lettuce you put in your salad helps you protect your teeth from various stains. As lettuce forms a layer of protective layer around your teeth to avoid stain causing food and beverages to stain your teeth. Whereas a simple fix could be replacing your vinegar with a light colored vinegar or lemon juice.


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