The Negative Effects Of A Smart Pill

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What would you do if you are given a pill that says it will make you smarter? Better yet, they only cost 10 dollars a pill. A plot like this can be seen in a movie but what happens if it actually happens in real life. Today, there are drugs that are often referred to as “smart pills” which is a type of drug that can increase the brain in various ways. One of the main use of this drug was to help patents that suffer from ADHD. Drugs such as Adderall was made for the purpose to help ADHD patients who experience from inattentiveness, poor memory, impulsiveness, and mood swings. Although recently, people who do not have ADHD are starting to use this drug to gain the effects from it. Despite knowing that it is illegal to consume the drugs without…show more content…
Just like every other drug that are in the market, enhancement drugs have side effects to them and depending on the drug, the strength of the side effects may differ. Some of the drugs may have minimal side effects which does not need to be taken care of seriously. On the other hand, there are enhancement drugs in the market that their side effects can cause death in the worst-case scenario. Few experts on cognitive enhancement drugs share ideas that some such as Adderall has side effects that can be hazardous. Erin Selin, author of “Potent ‘Study’ Drugs Still Popular for College Students, Despite the Danger” states that people can suffer from insomnia, anxiety, stroke, seizures, and the worst of all death. Although the consumers must be aware of these side effects, they still tend to consume the drug for developments. Because once they see the results of improvement clearly, they are more likely to repeat and rely to the drug making them addicted to it. This is not something uncommon as it is said that more than 116 thousand users are now in rehab from consuming Adderall (Addiction Center). Especially when consumers start to be dependent on this drug, the brain thinks that it is in a natural state where the cognitive enhancements are present. Thus, signs of withdrawal can be shown clearly such as fatigue or depression. Things like this can easily happen because many students are now at the place…show more content…
The people who uses enhancers for their brains will be given an advantage compared to the people who are not taking them. There are numerous students and experts of this topic that are addressing this to be a problem. In Greeley’s article, “Towards responsible use of cognitive- enhancing drugs by the healthy”, he addresses that there is unfairness by the use of cognitive enhancements. Despite there being unfairness in the previous education that they received or the environment that they were in, it doesn’t give equal chances to people that refuses to take them. Greeley expects that with the rise of demand of the drugs, the prices will boost making only the rich be able to afford the drugs. If this were to happen only the ones that are wealthy will be passing high school and colleges with little effort, while the poor will have to do twice the effort than the rich. This act will possibly cause diversity that will be too spread apart. Similar settings have been around in society for thousands of years where the rich have all of the advantage and the poor to have close to zero advantage. However, it does not mean that something related to this can be applied to education. Everybody has the equal amount of rights to receive education and the differences should be limited. In addition, there will be inequality in where the students who take certain drugs to receive higher than to the

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