Persuasive Speech On Computer Notebooks

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Title: Notebook computers should replace the traditional textbooks for students General Purpose: To persuade Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to use notebook computers instead of textbooks for studying purpose I. INTRODUCTION (Attention) A. Attention Material/Credibility Material: 1. As a student what do you guys feel to carry a heavy bag filled with textbooks inside? Don’t you guys feel that was too much burden to move around every day to class with a heavy bag which also caused your back hurt? What if when the information that you’re looking for was not in the textbook? What if when you left only a short period to submit your assignment given by the lecturer? Still you guys going to do the old way during this crucial moment?…show more content…
Main Point #2 – Present Solution that Satisfies Need: These are the ways in which you can get your own computer notebooks. 1. Solution description: Persuade your parents to buy a computer notebooks a. Convince your parents first about your purpose of using the computer notebook. 2. Alternative solution: Try to apply scholarship from school/college. a. Step to do the solution: Try to achieve an excellent result in examination and register to apply scholarship from school/college. 3. Other solution: Do a part time job. a. Make sure it does not interrupt your study time. [Transition: Despite there are some ways which are difficult to do but still not impossible for us to accomplish what we desired at the end. Suffering at the beginning while, heaven is waiting. Now, I will proceed with the advantages of using computer notebooks] (Visualization) . Main Point #3 –: There are many advantages of using computer notebooks 1. Results of Action: We as a student will feel more interested to study. According to Diane Garrison at the year of 2011 whom the principal of a school stated that his students feel more comfortable using computer notebooks and every assignment given are done perfectly. Students can also enjoy watching various types of multimedia content related to their study will enhance their attention towards their
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