Persuasive Speech On Concussions

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Misunderstanding the Price
Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) affect millions of people worldwide. Sport-related concussion represents a significant public health problem, with elite and professional athletes, and millions of youth and amateur athletes worldwide suffering concussions annually. Another most unprotected group is the children of early preschool and elementary school kids. Concussion rates vary by age, gender, sport and type of exposure. An understanding of concussion rates, patterns of injury, and risk factors can drive targeted preventive measures and help reduce the risk of concussion in everyday life, not only in sport. Although traumatic brain injury may seem to concern only a small group of athletes, it really should
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Many of children 's concussion can be avoided by informing parents about the possibility of a concussion at an early age. Such awareness is a good way to prevent at least some of them, because at the moment, statistics indicate an underestimation of the burden of traumatic brain injury. For example, the National Center for Injury Prevention said that the shaken baby syndrome is a form of abusive head trauma and is a preventable and severe form of physical child abuse. It results from violently shaking an infant by the shoulders, arms, or legs. Does each parent know about shaken baby syndrome or comprehends when it happens? What are the signs and symptoms of child’s TBI? Research by Child Care, Health & Development has demonstrated that “TBI can lead to long-term physical, cognitive, emotional and behavior difficulties for children and parental stress” (Kirk). Following this further U.S. Department of Health and Human (USDHH) expounds “the rates of emergency department (ED) that visits were highest for children aged 0-4 years.” Indeed, the little kids in the highest group of TBI risk. When it comes to the topic of prevention of child’s TBI, most people are willing to agree that parents should be more aware of the children’s TBI, since so many individuals still believe that TBI is a sport 's or car accident related…show more content…
The most important reason to reduce the occurrence of TBI is the ability of professional skills in people whom we trust such as school professionals and coaches. An understanding of concussion rates, patterns of injury, and risk factors can drive targeted preventive measures and help reduce the risk of concussion among all age groups of people. According to the article “Cerebral Commotion: Patrice Bergeron’s Quiet Concussion Radicalism,’’ the sport-related concussion represents a significant public problem for elite and professional athletes, but not every athlete declares it publicly. Very few athletes have been as open and honest as Patrice Bergeron the hockey player who got the concussions during the play and was one of the first to talk about what happens when you get it. The opponents may say it is the entertainment industry, and that any athlete is aware of the possible consequences when she/he signs a contract. Any athlete may be replaced, this is just a business, but even if it is not about highly paid athlete’s issues, the importance of professionals is undeniable. In my own experience, the trainers that I knew were people whom I can call the professionals. Some coaches worked with athletes to prepare them for the Olympic Games and some were themselves participants in the Olympic Games in the past. These coaches have told our group of athletes that not a single sporting achievement is worth the effort and sacrifice; moreover, the sport is not worth the health and
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