Dream Life Speech

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About DreamWise

Why DreamWise? Because all begins with a Dream and then comes to embodiment. When you learn how to DreamWise, with Wisdom and the right direction, you re-create our own reality, a healthy life, with happiness and prosperity. With love and protection and many other blessings, experiencing the nuances of life naturally. (with naturality …)

Are you a Dreamer? Yes, you are.
While you are reading this, you are at the same time thinking and feeling a lot of different things, you might be asking yourself questions, reminding yourself about something important at the same time missing someone you love.

You might be crying for someone you lost, and at the same time you may be facing your fear by going on that job interview. You
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Here is why.

I was dying. I was so young and my life was slipping through my fingers.

I had a very interesting and rich life, as well as many years of study and practice in different types of meditations that supposedly would bring me balance and keep me away from many kinds of common human sufferings.

I had lived and experienced so much and yet I still had so much more to do and to learn. So why I was caught in that state? Why was I suffering and my body so ill?

It took me almost a near-death experience to realize that, despite being known by my peers and teachers as an outstanding meditator with brilliant results, I was making some mistakes in my life. Some that almost costed my life.

I had to choose. Correct them in order to survive, or let myself go… I know that the death is not the end, but I wanted to stay, to embrace physically the people that I love. Then I understood that even if the outcome was my physical death, I choose life, because you can be dead when living and alive when dead. Life was my choice. Freedom was my
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