Argumentative Essay: The Legalization Of School Uniforms

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Aaron walks to his locker on a magnificent Friday morning. Aaron stumbles upon three kids ahead of him. “Aaron, what brand of that shirt is that?” Gary questioned. “Oh hey! They’re not brand name clothes. I got them at Marshall’s. Do you like them?” Aaron claimed. “Why would I ever want to wear those when I have my brand new Nike shirts, plus those are gross and ugly.” Gary answered “Well, I don’t care what I wear.”Aaron said. “Well maybe that is because your clothes look ugly every day. You have no sense of fashion.” Gary shrugged. Gary and his friends walked away as the bell rang. Aaron opened his locker as tears ran down his face. Would you enjoy seeing kids getting bullied each and everyday for what they wear to school? Would you want…show more content…
Six thousand kids have died not just from bullying in general, but from the clothes they wear. Google reports that “Nineteen percent of public school principals reported requiring uniforms in the 2009-2010 school year, up from 12 percent a decade earlier. The percentage of public schools whose principals reported enforcement of a strict dress code rose from 47 percent to 57 percent during the decade.” This means that every year, more and more schools are instituting school uniforms. If more schools were to do the same, many more schools would be…show more content…
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