Persuasive Speech On Drinking And Driving

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DUI By:Jaskaran

You’re outside with your friends having fun and drinking, but its time to go home. You crashed your car because you were drunk and you just killed some innocent pedestrian also now have to pay for your car and go to jail. This is drinking and driving and I am here to tell you why it is bad and you should stop. Drinking and driving under the influence has many negative consequences and it should not be done by anyone. I believe that you should not do this because you can kill other people ,your driving record will get ruined and license suspension, you will have to pay a lot for your car and for breaking the law. Lastly, you can get fired from your job and for some you need a car for your job. Recently there has been one very
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It would also be a $150 fee to get your license back . Another reason why drinking and driving is really bad because you have to pay a lot not only for your car but a big fine for breaking the law. Your car will also get the impounded by the cops.On March 29,2011 InsuranceHotline stated, a 40-year-old that has been drinking and driving crash before are expected to pay between 7,000- 11,000 for insurance. However, you still have to pay a minimum of $600 for a criminal code conviction. You can also lose your job from drinking and driving. Some bosses might think you're irresponsible and fire you. This can also lead up to future jobs. When you apply for a job and they check your record, their going to see you were in a drinking and driving crash and might not hire you if it’s a really bad crash. It's also going to be hard for you to apply and go to work since you lost your license, therefore you can't drive there. Some of you might be saying, but what if I was just going around the block or my house is really close. It does not matter how close your destination is, you still have a big percent to crash your vehicle. There have been many reports that drunk drivers were going to their house that was really close and they crashed.For example, on October 4,2015 Steve Morales stated that a young male teenager was drunk and was driving home but, he crashed his car into another house.He was later on charged for impaired driving and failing the breath sample Some of you are saying, but I only drank a little bit or I wasn't even that drunk.Well, it doesn't matter how much of the alcohol you drank even just a little bit of alcohol can badly effect your

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