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Do you feel tired and without much energy most of the time? Do you often sleep poorly? Every cold or flu catches you? If the answer is yes, then this is a sing that you are not much healthy. Staying healthy all year round isn't so hard as we may think. But we are not required to make big changes. Start with baby steps and find good sources of motivation along the path. Making an extra little effort every day and doing the right thing can make us healthier and better individuals.

Get more healthy just by:

- Minimizing junk food

Exercising is important for optimum health but if you eat junk food after each workout you are ruining all of the work. What we eat during the day plays an important role in how we are going to feel and how easy the diseases can get us. Even if you don't exercise on a regular basis, just by cutting on white bread, white rice, sugar, soft drinks, you will
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You should pay attention to your personal hygiene to get rid of the germs.

6..Breathing deeply

it is proven that deep breathing actually improves your health Try some breathing techniques while you wait in queue or for the bus. Even 10 minutes a day of practicing deep breathing can reduce your stress hormones. This can make you feel less anxiety, it will regulate your blood pressure and heart rhytm and improve the quality of your sleep.

7. Going to a massage
There is no need to remind you that massage is really healthy for the whole body. Massage relieves the tension and pain in all muscles and joints in the body. The benefits are numberless. Getting a massage is good for your cardiovascular system, blood circulation, nervous system, digestive system, strengthens the immune system, regulates the hormones, regenerates the skin tissues and helps sportsmen recover properly. Massage even makes you sleep better and reduces the feeling of

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