Stop Eating Junk Food Persuasive Essay

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To make kids at my high school quit eating Junk food. and try to eat more healthy food so they can stay healthy and in good shape. The audience that would listen to the proposal would be the school administration and all the students because they should also be part of that because it is a useful thing for them as well teachers because teachers will be able to teach this at each classroom and make sure that the students. I am sure they would have the positive attitude toward me because I am trying to help them out by letting them know that eating unhealthy food can cause medical issues and it can be bad for their children. so, of course, they are going to have a positive thinking on this matter.
So I am planning to convince my audience in any way I can so they can avoid the unhealthy food and stay healthy. anyway, i will show them medical proofs how people got affected by eating unhealthy food and how they suffered and how bad and dangerous, unhealthy food can be. Also i am doing this because we want our families and our kids to be safe everyone be safe and just

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