Diversity Of Education

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It is time to come to the realization that school, as unadorned as one may call it, is an institution that has formerly been put in a position to fundamentally serve the desires of the ruling class, not the common people. From adolescence, students tend to show astonishing and fierce imagination and without being stopped it could result in a creative revolution. However, this innovation could ultimately undermine the hierarchy’s proverbial convergence. In our society of contributing the least while taking pleasure in the most, means students must be indoctrinated from a very young age to accept the working class as a lifestyle. This lifestyle essentially meaning work until one dies. Therefore, Ontario’s Ministry of Education is bearing no preparation…show more content…
Subsequently, “in 2017, 79% of teachers in both primary and secondary schools reported seeing an increase in stress, anxiety and panic attacks in their pupils as well as a rise in depression, self-harm, and eating disorders”. The kind of environment that our schools are putting our pupils in is basically fit in or fail. Also, in the classroom, it is said to “try your best” but sometimes the best is not good enough for the school 's standards. Putting all this pressure and responsibilities on one person causes stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. We are taught that “this is how life goes”, but the system once again fails to acknowledge the fact that we are not all equal. Forcing students into an environment where they might not be comfortable and telling them to get over it is creating a generation of petrified young people. Thus, research shows that the “highest rate of children’s mental health ER visits is May, and May is generally a beautiful month, weather-wise, in Connecticut, but it may well be the toughest month of school. May is the month of final tests, due dates for papers, and the crunch to make it through the rest of the curriculum.” In addition, no matter how severe the student is suffering they are forced by law to continue. This creates a generation in which people who will never be brave enough to challenge because one 's “success” is a destination that only contains one route. Mental health is just as important as physical health and the ministry of education does not sermonize this. For instance, if a student with a diagnosed social anxiety disorder refuses to present a project, they get zero and are viewed as a failure. However, if a student was to break their leg, it would be inhumane to force the child to play basketball in the gym. This is where the school system

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