Persuasive Speech On Endangered Chimpanzee

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The Endangered Chimpanzee
Today I am going to be talking about the endangered chimpanzee. Many people probably don’t know that the chimpanzee is endangered but I am here today to tell you why it is. I am going to be talking about why it’s endangered, where they live, what kind of food they eat, and etc.

First I 'm going to be talking about the chimpanzee species slowly decreasing. The leading cause of population decreasing is bushmeat hunting and deforestation. The greatest threat of a chimpanzee is habitat destruction. The chimp has already disappeared from for African countries and are almost extinct and many others. Chimpanzees are no longer found in Bambia, Burkina Faso, Benin, and Togo. Bushmeat trade is the greatest threat to biodiversity in forests in West and Central Africa. Chimpanzees today can be found in forests and savannas of tropical West and Central Africa.

Next, I am going to be talking about their lifestyles. Chimps live in groups called communities. These communities are made
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The chimpanzee is primarily vegetarian and eats fruits seeds are leaves. Chimps occasionally eat meat such as termites and ants. Sometimes chimpanzees kill and eat young antelopes. The predators of a chimpanzee are leopards and humans. The actual term for a chimpanzee is a Pan.

Chimpanzees usually walk around on all fours but they can walk on 2 legs. They are very intelligent animals. Chimps are one of the only animals that employ tools. They use sticks to retrieve insects from their nests or dig grubs. They swing around from branch to branch to move more efficiently. Males are much larger than the females. They have very long arms but a short body. Chimpanzees have very similar senses to humans such as sight, hearing, smell, touch,and taste. Chimps usually sleep in trees. They have hair that completely covers their are entire body.

The higher classification is a Great Ape. And the lower classification is the Bonobo and the commons
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