Persuasive Speech On Failure In Life

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It is impossible to go through life without experiencing some kind of failure. It is a part of life. Everyone at some point has experienced it already. One of the hardest challenges in life is to face failures. It is very hard to accept the fact that sometimes hard work does not pay off. It is also very hard to watch all the energy, time, and effort put to waste. No one likes experiencing failure but every attempt includes the possibility of failure as well as that of success. Failure can also be in different aspects like failure in studies, love, family, friends, and basically everything in life. Although failure may seem like the end, it is a chance to come out as a person who is motivated, knowledgeable, and holding onto opportunities.
Failure is a door that leads to opportunities. For instance, a well- known scientist, Thomas Edison, failed a thousand times before he invented the light bulb.
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The story of Thomas Edison is also applied here and the same goes for the other scientists. They let their failures motivate them because they know that there is something great in store for them when they do not give up. Feeling tired of everything is just a normal thing people experience when they fail. Here are some steps that they should do to make them feel enlightened. First, they should get a break or go on a vacation. This would clear their minds and give them peace in their heart. Second, they should clear their thoughts. This would make them think about what made their reasons for holding on the first place and what they really want to do next. Third, they should always pray. There is nothing bad with talking to God. They should not be scared to tell Him all their worries because He will comfort you. Finally, they should hold on to God’s promises. Not everyone may know why certain things are happening in their lives but they should always remember that God has something great planned out for them despite these
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