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Are you as healthy as you can be?
Now a day’s good number of corporate and non-corporate people goes for annual health check-up which generally includes cardiorespiratory examination, Lipid profile, and Blood profile etc. just to make sure that vital organs are working properly. A good number of people start exercising after going through that examination without listening the demands of their body. Probably they don’t know where to approach, whom to approach, sometimes people approach there family physician. My advice in such cases is consult with your Physiotherapist. More specifically Sports Physiotherapist if you regularly participate in sports for recreation or involved in professional sports and preparing yourself for some intense physical
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To improve or maintain muscle strength, muscle flexibility is a pre-requisite. Muscle can function properly only when it has optimal length. If a muscle is already taught or short it can’t function optimally. Proper nutrition is also a must when you are undergoing strengthening exercise regimen.
Few tips for the beginners to start with strengthening exercise
1- Fix yourself first before you start building up.
2- Do proper warm up (at least 10 minutes).
3- Starts exercising on machines first, choose free weights (Dumbbells, kettle bells, medicine balls) later. Good machines provide stability gives your body proper base of support and allows us smooth & safe movement while performing any exercise .
4- Perform exercise using multiple muscle groups, like Squat, Push up, Pull up, Leg press, Bench press, Rowing etc. They are safer to begin with than the individual muscle exercise, like biceps, triceps, hamstring, calf etc. and are more productive in daily functional activities.
5- Start exercises under the supervision first, so that your Physio can help you to avoid trick movements.
6- Mix your exercises include Aerobics, Pilates, Yoga, Zumba to keep it interesting which builds up the motivation to continue exercises. Variability in exercises challenges your body differently to build yourself

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