Internet Censorship Issues

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In June, 2008, there is a unbelieveable news topic was posted on ‘One News Show’ which is “Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic trials”.The truth is that; ‘One News Show’ was using automatic filtering system that switches an American Olympic medalist, ‘Tyson Gay’ into ‘Tyson Homosexual’. They soon edited the article but that ridiculous topic would be a great example of immoderate Internet Censorship.(Arrieta) Not individual group is censoring the internet, but also a government is censoring the internet under the guise of protecting their citizen from noxious informations like pornography or websites containing too much violent contents. Especially, a lot of Asian Countries are listed on the ‘Enemies of the Internet’ list by ‘Reporters…show more content…
In 2014, the ‘Repoters of Without Borderes’ presented ‘Enemies of the Internet’. Among the 20 Internet Enemies, 11 communities is located in Asia. In Vietnam, one of the Asian countries which harsh Internet Censorship is being enforced, under Vietnamese Penal Code’s Articles 79 and 88 for “subversion” and “conducting propaganda against the state,” interrupting from their online activity on human rights issues, including multi-party democracy and democratic reform, religious freedom, freedom of expression, speech, and press.(‘Enemies of the Internet’) Moreover, our sibling country, North Korea is considered the top Censoring country. Their co control over the media and Internet became evident during the events surrounding the death of Kim Jong-il and the meticulous staging of his succession. Yet official and unofficial telecom markets have been booming. The new leader Kim Jong-un’s policy regarding basic freedoms appears to be a continuation of his father’s, which understandably worries the international community.(‘North Korea - Reporters Without
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