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Every day, you use electricity which come from coal, took your motorcycle or car and go to school or work, burning gasoline. Have you ever wonder about those fuel, do you know where they come from, how much is harvested every day, week, month, year or even decades, ever thinks that how long do they last, can your children, grandchildren or even great-grandchildren of your could had access it? Are you indirectly or even directly damaging the environment? Should the human race stop using fuel to save ourselves and other races? I am here to penlights you about the crisis we are and will face with fuel.[What will you argue?]


Fuels are anything that can be burned and, when it is burned, it will glow and releases heat. Fuel is divided into 3 groups: gas, liquid and solid. Gases are included nature gases, methane, butane, etc. Liquids are included crude oil, heating oil, diesel, gasoline, petroleum, propane, etc. Solid are included wood, coal, etc.

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In my opinion, I think that with this current rate of harvesting and increasing that rate, although we are harvesting a large amount of fuel, we still can access it for our life, but not our children, they won’t has
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Viet Nam has the total oil reserves of 270 to 500 million tones. The production rate is 64120 cubic meters for day in 2004. Vietnam also have 3.7 billion tons of coal reserves, the coal production is nearly 19 million tons in 2003 and natural gases reserves of 13 trillion cubic meters. Viet Nam has a high amount of exporting crude fuel and importing useable fuel. Viet Nam is harvesting and using a large amount of fuel, mostly gasoline. The Vietnamese government is trying to increase the tax of cars and motorcycle not only to minimize the different between rich and poor people but to reduce the traffic, reducing toxic gases released to the

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