Animal Cruelty Persuasive Speech

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Gaelle Bitar 201302341 ENGL 203 Persuasive Speech – Outline Fur and Animal Cruelty I INTRODUCTION (Attention) A. Attention Material/Credibility Material: 1. Imagine being trapped in a cage for your whole life, living in underprivileged conditions, with limited amount of water and food. Then, you are forcibly taken away from your cage, painfully skinned alive and beaten to death. The rest of your body is then thrown into a pile with others who have suffered the same fat as you. While this may seem like some horror movie scene, it is in fact very accurate and happens on a daily basis. Each year, millions of animals are tortured and killed just for the fur on their back. The fur industry is a very cruel and heartless business that is unnecessary…show more content…
Signs, Symptoms, Effects of Problem: According to EXPRESS, some animals have clamps applied to their mouths, and rods inserted inside their anuses to get electrocuted, others, undergo poisoning, neck-snapping and are even put in decompression chambers. Without mentioning that some animals including rabbits, cats and dogs are skinned alive. (Meredith C, 2013) 2. Importance of Problem: Not only is this animal cruelty hurting animals but it also affecting us humans indirectly. a. Extent of Problem: Fur hurts both animals and the environment, and by hurting the environment you are also hurting yourself. Let me tell you how. b. Facts/Statistics: According to the Fur Trade Facts, there exist over 300 farms in the USA only, Wisconsin owning most of them. Worldwide, there are over 50 million animals raised in these fur farms every year. This doesn’t include the number of rabbits skinned alive, which adds up to approximately a 120 million animals slaughtered for the sole purpose of fur production yearly. c. Who is Affected: According to the Washington State Department of Ecology, waste from fur farms is poisoning our waterways due to the huge amount of ammonia released into the atmosphere. Also, producing a fur coat takes 15 times more energy than does producing a faux-fur coat or any other clothing
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