Lgbt Persuasive Speech

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One year ago today, June 26th, Obama passed legislation that legalized same-sex marriage all across the United States. I am not queer, I am straight, cis-gender, very privileged woman. I will never begin to understand the struggles of the LGBT community but that day I woke up with the confirmed hope that the world was moving a little bit into a direction of kindness, acceptance and empathy. I live in New York City, I go to art school, a majority of my friends are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, it is sufficient to say I live in a bubble of some sorts. A bubble of progressive kids that have been educated to know better than to judge someone’s character based on their skin color or sexual preference. A bubble where sexuality and gender…show more content…
However, It has been made apparent to me that perhaps I am too naive and perhaps even those around me who are incredibly educated, smart, apparently progressive have bought into a bigoted, homophobic and ultimately tragic way of thinking. Today my mother called me, in the verge of tears, in panic, in fear, with a voice that made me think something had happened, something tragic or sad or terrible. This “tragic” happening was that she found a video I had posted on social media offensive, frightening. The video was a rose-tinted, snapchat filtered, innocent video of me and one of my best friends singing Drake captioned “my first love, my girlfriend, my soulmate”. The post was seemingly inoffensive for me— a kid who lives in a bubble. For my mother, however, it was alarming to the point of true distress. Wha was it that she found upsetting? The fact that I was “insinuating” my friend, who is a girl, was my girlfriend, my partner, my love interest, which she is not but is she was so what? My mom knows me, we have a relationship similar to a friendship, she knows me very well. She has also met several of my
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