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Jean Savarin, a French lawyer and politician once said “tell me what you eat, and I will tell you who you are”. The food that is digested in our bodies influences the activity levels, mood, and health of our bodies. A majority of the food that is sold today is tampered with in laboratories changing the chemical makeup of the substance. This is known as genetic engineering or breeding of the organism. I. GMO, or genetically modified organisms is when a gene of an organism is biologically transferred to another organism changing its characterization. (Diaz) A. According to BIONET, the process of engineering a crop goes as such: (BIONET) 1. First, the gene that is modified is isolated or mapped. (BIONET) 2. The copies of the gene is made, this…show more content…
By 1999, approximately half of the crops in the United States such as corn, tomatoes, and cotton were transgenic; 90% today, also sixty to seventy percent of processed foods are modified. (Diaz) 2. GMO Compass, founded that eighteen million farmers in 2013 modified their crops amounting to one-hundred and seventy-four hectares of modified fields. (GMO Compass) III. Genetically modified crops have their advantages and disadvantages. A. Engineering crops is more profitable to the farmer. 1. According to Britannica, approximately thirty to seventy dollars can be saved per acre due to the reduction of pesticides. (Diaz) a. For example, genetically engineered cotton increases profit by thirty percent and decreases pesticide usage by seventy percent. B. Indeed, engineered crops are also more convenient. 1. They withstand droughts, require less water, they are immune to pesticides, and they last longer. (Global) a. Furthermore, apples are always in season because a majority of them are engineered, waxed, and later stored for a month, or a year(s). 2. GMO’s are somewhat beneficial for our rapid-growing population since they are more enriched with nutrients. (Global) C. GMO’s can also benefit the…show more content…
Some people like their corn sweet, so corn is modified to become sweet corn. D. One of the disadvantages relating to GMO’s is that an adequate long term study has yet to be conducted to prove the safety of GMO’s. (The NON-GMO) 1. However, GMOs are still somewhat harmful to our bodies’ short term wise. a. Groundwater of engineered crops is contaminated by all the phosphate and nitrogen used. (The NON-GMO) b. A study has been conducted stating that a combination of pesticides can cause cancer and other harmful issues. (BIONET) 2. Additionally GMO’s can cause an allergic reaction to some people. (BIONET) a. For instance, if a person is allergic to nuts and a nut gene is transferred to a green bean, then that green bean causes an anaphylactic reaction to said person. (BIONET) b. Hence why several campaigns and petitions have been made urging companies to label GMO products. i. Mellman Group stated that ninety-one percent people wanted labelling based of a survey. (The NON-GMO) ii. Sixty countries such as Japan, the European Union, Australia, and Brazil restricted the usage of GMO’s and forced corporations to label their products. (The NON-GMO) E. Nonetheless, Global Change stated that GMO seeds are patented by corporations, therefore they can sue farmers for using their seed.

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