Persuasive Speech On Giving USoking

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“Giving up smoking is the easiest thing in the world. I know because I 've done it thousands of times.” – Mark Twain Stop kidding yourself. You are not prepared to quit smoking. But that 's alright. The sooner you accept that you 're not ready, the sooner you 'll have the capacity to stop for good. I smoked for more than 4 years of college.I have tried quitting it 20+ times. A few endeavors lasted a couple of days.Others kept going even for a month. They(attempts) got one thing in common. — I was not prepared. Not convinced? Still, believe you 're prepared? Fine. Answer this: At this instant, right now, will you be able to honestly say that you are prepared to never take another puff from a cigarette? Not one puff. From right at this point. If your answer was "no," or in the event that you found yourself arguing with the question, then you 're not prepared yet. However, I already knew your answer. How could I know? Because you are still reading. One Step One Punch One Round at a time I am pretty sure many of you remember this. For others, it 's a dialogue from movie "Creed"-Rocky Balboa series. Try not to think about quitting it for life. Just resist yourself for one day "Today". Time will add up! When you 'll look back you 'd have many smoke-free day 's under your belt! That really helps to stay positive. But even before you start to think about quitting you need to accept that you are an addict! There is no shame in accepting this. I was an addict and I quit smoking

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