Persuasive Speech On Gmo Food

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GMOS Introduction: I believe that GMOS are good for this world and for the people because the gmos can save us from starving when all the food is gone. GMOS are a genetically modified organism is an organism whose genetic materials that have been altered using genetic engineering techniques. GMO foods are okay to eat because some food that have gmos could have some genetic characteristics in them to make the food survive the hot when that food has to be frozen. GMOS are different from foods that don 't have GMOS Body 1: GMOS can save the world because if we had no food because if there was a drought and the plants died. Then we could just plant GMO foods, The drought won’t really do anything to the plant. If it was really cold out and the plants died because of how cold the weather. The GMO plant won’t die because there are stuff in the plants to make it survive the cold and the hot weathers unlike the regular plants they can’t do that. “Where heat will burn the crops, soil has been ruined by over farming and drought, and bugs ride across oceans to feast on defenseless plants” (Parrett). This is important because if a drought really happens and we have no food then we can count on the GMO foods. Body 2: GMOS are safe to eat and are healthy for you to eat because the …show more content…

They also are way way better than non gmo foods because non gmo foods you can get diseases from them like heart disease and cancer and the chance of having a stroke when you eat though’s foods, But when you eat foods that have gmos in the foods then the risk of having them diseases. If you buy gmo foods you won’t have to spend a lot of money on the food that you would need but if you buy non gmo foods then you would spend a lot of money just on the food that you would need to

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