Persuasive Speech On Greek Fair Tabeling

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Hello Everyone! Here’s a few things before school starts on Tuesday. Please send me your current chapter size if you haven’t done so already. I am still waiting on quite a few. This is super important before you begin COB. Secondly, Greek Fair tabeling is this Wednesday, January 20th and Thursday, January 21st from 11am-2pm. Everyone will have assigned tables just to make it easier. The Panhellenic and IFC President will place the tables at random and they will change each day. Fraternities will be on one side of the walkway and Sororities on the other. Let’s try to keep about 8 or less people at your table at a time since it tends to get crowded in that area. Lastly, I have reopened the Rho Gamma Coordinator App due to the lack of applications.
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