Pros And Cons Of Winning The Lottery

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How many of you wouldn’t mind to win the lottery? Well, about 300 million tickets `are sold for the powerball jackpot lottery and the stats are increasing. Out of those three million tickets sold only one main person will win. Isn’t that crazy! But what could the lottery really do for you? What would you buy? Maybe a brand new car, or a new house for your family. But you know what? It can't buy you love or happiness. And that is exactly what I am going to talk to you about today. You may think that you can buy happiness because you are happy with the things your money offers you. And you may be feeling happy with your possessions but it is not true and pure happiness. Some believe happiness is a deep feeling of serenity, contentment, and fulfilment. I believe this as well. When someone has a lot of money and they keep on buying the newest possessions I don’t believe that they are feeling contentment. They continue to search and look for this contentment that they desire so much but they can’t find it because they are looking in the wrong place. They are…show more content…
He looks at your faith, your love for him, your fight against sin. He loves you for you not your possessions. I think that this is very important to keep in mind as we go on with life. This rule that the world has made, that possessions and money is what gets you through life, isn’t right. It is downgrading. The world doesn't see you they see your money. If you are a rich man you are most likely gonna have girls all over you. Not because of your looks. Not because of you personality. All because of your money. That is not what a real relationship is. A relationship isn't money. Just like how money can't give you love or eternal happiness, so money can't buy you relationships. But keep in mind that I am not saying you don't need money but that money is not ALL you

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