Persuasive Speech On Happiness

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INTRODUCTION. - Hook : Happiness is a priceless gift in life. - Background information: People have to go through ups and downs wheels of life. We have happiness and sadness, but there are two feelings which create a color for our life. Happiness brings to each of us the moment of sublimation with sweet of our life. - Thesis statement: In this paper, we will find how to be happy to make life joyful, comfortable and meaningful.
Paragraph 1
• Topic sentence: Firstly. happiness is a guide to developing life’s most important skill and a key to a meaning life. However, how to find the real key to happiness is a difficult problem.
• Support sentence: In his study on this subject, Ricard has shown a question that is happiness the purpose
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You must control your life that your ability can create for you have more effort and passion to achieve your dream and bring something happy for you. All of that ways available in your spirit and your mind. You must know. It is time you cannot keep everything to the mercy of fate, or worse is to let others decide your life. You must learn how to control his inner world (feelings, emotions, thoughts, health, etc ) so that employed around the world (relationships, work, career, finance, etc ).
• Concluding sentence: You know that it is time to do all his life and self-lit walkways are lighted for yourself. Your happiness depends on your attitude.
In conclusion, a simple truth that people know all of us always want to happiness. Happiness is a big goal in our life. However, we do not know that happiness is not and cannot be a goal. You will never reach happiness, cannot take it, cannot touch it and cannot keep it, because simply that happiness is not exist outside, it exists inside our brain, in our attitude and in our action. So happiness or not which depend on your decided. I always choose to think about everything simplest as possible. I hope you can become a happy person and have a happy

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