Persuasive Speech On Hate Crimes

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What comes to mind when hear the word hate crime? Do you think that is just like a crime that happens every day. Well a hate crime is when a person kills, beats, or harms, another person because of their beliefs,religions, race, or even disabilities. People did not realise, until about 1998, how bad hate crimes really were. One of the most famous hate crimes were when two men went to beat a man named Matthew Shepard, then proceeded to tie him to a fence to die. The reason this crime was called a hate crime is because that the only reason he got killed was because he was gay.

Hate crimes are becoming more and more known yet people were not realising how bad they really are. People are now waking up and seeing how bad they are but nothing big is happening to improve it. Hate crimes are happening all over the world. You could be a target of a hate crime if you have a disability or even
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Like when John King, and Shawn Berry,and Lawrence Russell Brewer, chained James Byrd Jr to the back of a pick up and killed him. They all were charged with capital murder but later then Brewer was put to the death penalty. He was the first white man to receive the death penalty in Texas. But the other two, do you think they got the right punishment, the other two helped kill James so they should get the Death penalty. But the laws for Hate crimes laws do not have very bad right now. So the laws should be more severe.

All and all, I told you about Hate crimes and the issues that comes with it. What do you think if you were in James Byrd Jr shoes or life what would you have done? What I think is, we should not commit horrid crimes because of someone's belief or disabilities. In 2012 Over 1,000 people died from Hate crimes. Now what do you think about crimes are they a problem. When people open their eyes we can all see that there are problems in world that need to be

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