Hickeys Persuasive Speech

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If you are one of the most passionate and fun lovers out there, you must have given your partner a hickey. If you are someone who have that passionate lover, you must have received hickeys countless of times already. You might be out together and things got sizzling hot that neither of you realized what you are doing to each other until both of you come back to your senses. Later you will just discover that you already have a hickey somewhere on your body. It might feel good to have a hickey to let everyone know that you are already taken as well as let people know that you had one fabulous and fun moment with your partner. However, not all the time hickeys are great for you. What if you have a job interview or a family dinner? Perhaps you…show more content…
It is important for you to know that a hickey will not disappear as soon as possible. However, how to get rid of hickey can be quite simple just as like how you deal with a typical bruise. There are certain ways on how to get rid of hickeys that you might want to explore and try. We will provide you with some simple techniques that you can do on your own for you to make the appearance of a hickey less visible. • COLD TREATMENT: Since the damaged blood vessels cause the hickey, it is important to slow down the blood flow. Constricting the broken capillaries will reduce the internal bleeding. A great way to help constriction is cold treatment. This kind of treatment should be done within the first 12 to 48 hours to take effect. Be sure that you take necessary precaution and never apply ice directly on your skin as this can cause skin irritation. To apply cold treatment, you may follow these…show more content…
Place it directly on your hickey and press firmly. Move the wrapped ice slowly around the area of the kiss mark and leave for 20 minutes. If you are unable to tolerate the cold for 20 minutes, you may remove the ice and re-apply again after some time. Repeat the wrapped ice application for several times within the first day. o Put several metal spoons inside a freezer to let it cool for 10 minutes. Take one spoon out from the freezer and apply it directly on your hickey with direct pressure. If the spoon loses its coolness, you may place it back inside the freezer and use another spoon instead. Do this for 20 minutes and repeat for several times a day. • HOT TREATMENT: After applying cold treatment for 48 hours, you need to swap treatment to hot. Hot treatment is use after 48 hours because the ruptured blood vessels are already healed. The collection of blood under your skin will be dispersed and reabsorbed back in your body. Hot treatment will help increase the blood flow to the area and makes the re-absorption faster. Remember that you should not use hot treatment within the first 48 hours as it will cause further damage and will make your hickey

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