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Introduction Attention Getter: One summer a mother and daughter were living in an apartment complex. They were finally excited that they're noisy neighbors were moving out. They finally had their silence, but they heard a strange noise. They couldn’t exactly tell what it was so they went out looking to check what it was. The mother saw a grey kitty meowing and sitting in the window. They had abandoned her to die. They were trying to break into the apartment to try and get the cat. This had attracted a small group of people who then were trying to help as well. After finally giving up they called a maintenance manager. He informed them that there was no law to rescue dogs in the state. They were begging and pleading for him to help them,…show more content…
These animals even outnumber the homeless people, 5 to 1. With an organization like PAWS they take the animals that live out on the streets that can’t fend for themselves and give them what they need and a home. If we invest in organization like these we can eventually completely eliminate homeless animals. Donating to organizations that deal with homeless pets allows them to give the animals the medical care that they need and find safe homes for those animals so they won’t be abandoned again. What is so special about PAWS Chicago is that they have the no kill policy. This means that they won’t kill pets just because there are too many in the shelters. Euthanization is a serious problem in the United States. Nearly half of all animals that arrive in US shelters get euthanized. That is about 2.7 million animals that are killed every year. Not only that but they are encouraging other shelters to adopt the same policy. On their website they say that since they came to Chicago, euthanization here has decreased by 80% for the 18 years that they have been here. This shows you how much this charity cares about animals and how much they are helping homeless

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